Hi there!

My name is Simeon and I started SEEKER TO SEEKER as a platform for seekers – by seekers.

(And no, I did not know of the homoerotic Harry Potter fanfiction with the same title when I was choosing the name…)

Discovering my place in Being has always fascinated me.

Spiritual practice (meditation), academic study (MA in Buddhist Studies), and first-hand experience (life) have led me to understand there are deeper, hidden layers to the miracle of Being. Exploring these mysteries has naturally become the focus of my life. 

I keep probing the nature of reality and I try to make any insights I gain available to others. You can find these in my original writing on the SEEKER TO SEEKER Blog

I’ve recently been exploring the visual medium of video essays on YouTube, so you can check that out as well!

Finally, you can also explore the SEEKER TO SEEKER Podcast where I speak with fascinating individuals about their insights into the hidden nature of life.

SEEKER TO SEEKER is still young and tiny, so make sure to subscribe to THE ESOTERIC CIRCLE newsletter to support us (and get updates on our latest content).

All content is work in progress, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you wish to give feedback, comments, or ideas for the platform and content.

I hope this work brings you as much pleasure and inspiration as it brings me!

And good luck on the path,

Simeon B. Mihaylov